Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Is A Powerful Image In ART?

What does "powerful" mean in art?

An image that will catch your eye or have a strong effect on your feelings or thoughts is powerful.

Which one of these images "catches" your eye? Are they both powerful images?


Do these images have a strong effect on your feelings or thoughts?

 Andrew Wyeth

There are different ways to create a powerful image

*Outlining an image (contour line)

This is a Keith Harring image

*Consider Background (light colors, dark colors, contrast, complete coverage)

Which fish looks more powerful?




*Considering size

If this bird were painted very tiny in the corner would it be a powerful image?


  Look at our fish again, do you notice this little fish? Why?


  *Show Emotion

    Is this a powerful image? 

What powerful emotion are you feeling as you look at this piece?

How will you make "powerful art images"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Music Can Evoke Art

Listening to music can evoke or create strong feelings. We can express those feelings when we create art. Vassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist. He was an abstract artist. Music was the inspiration for many of his works.

 Listen to the pianist, Yiruma, play, River Flow in You. Close your eyes and listen. How does this music make you feel? What could you draw or paint in response to this music? 

 The second musician is, Sungha Jung. He is playing the same song, but with a guitar. After listening do you respond or feel a different way? 

 What kinds of materials would you use to express your feelings...chalk, paint, pencils, markers? Would you build something or weave with yarns...what colors do you feel your artwork should be after listening to this music?  

Can you think of another piece of music that can inspire you to make art?                                                               


Monday, February 9, 2015

Lovin' that Jim Dine and Robert Indiana

  We are going to look at artwork made by two American men who use their art to express love and hope. Think about ways that you express love and hope. What does the word love mean to you? Who do you love? What do you love?

 Jim Dine is an American "Pop" artist. 

A "Pop" artist uses popular or common images. A popular image that we are looking at this week is the heart because of Valentine's Day! These are heart sculptures that Jim Dine made. 

           He made groups of hearts...

    Hearts in drawings...

              Painterly Hearts...

             Smudgy Hearts...

       And hearts with a surprise!

What kind of hearts can you make for Valentine's Day? Can you express love and hope in your art?

And then there is Robert Indiana..

Robert Indiana is an American "pop" artist too! His "love" print was created for the Museum of Modern Art and later became a stamp. Why do you think he used  "text" as his art? What is the meaning of his art? Do you notice what he is signing in this picture? It was something for President Obama.

 Why do you think Indiana did the same image six times? Why did he change the colors? 
Does it matter that he used different color palates for each word? Do you feel a different feeling when you look at each LOVE?

 This is a fun sculpture in Chicago. Why do you think he tilted the "O"?


Can you think of something that is "popular" that you would like to express in some way? 
What is the meaning of your work? 

Monday, February 2, 2015

How Can You Go Deeper And Expand Your Art

 To go deeper in art means that you think more about what you made and find ways to expand your idea. Look at your art and ask yourself the question, " can I add in some way to my art"?

When artists use a skill they sometimes like to go deeper or expand with their new knowledge.
You learned something about printmaking last week. Below is a way to go deeper and expand your work from last week.

 You can take the prints that you made last week and layer another print on top to create a whole new image.

The printing technique below is mono printing with markers. Here are the steps.

#1 on plexiglass,  draw an image using markers. Keep in mind some of the ideas, shapes, lines from your print the week before.

#2 Spray the print from last week with a fine mist of water

#3 Lay last weeks print on top of the marker design and using and roll with the brayer to transfer the marker print to the last weeks relief print. Lift your print.

#4 You may add another kind of printmaking to your final piece like edge printing or add drawing.

No matter what art you make, no matter what studio you are working in....can you go deeper and expand?

Sava went to painting she used the salt/paint technique then she went deeper and expanded.


 *applied black lines

*added collage papers

*added dots