Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fiber ARTS...lov'in that sewing!

 This week we will be visiting the Fiber Arts Studio!


We will document what we know in our Artifact Books

  There will be materials on your table to share. You can help each other learn some skills for the Fiber Arts Studio. 

 Fiber Arts is about making art with threads, papers,  fabrics (material like your clothes), and yarns. Some of the materials are natural.

 Yarn can naturally come from a ...

sheep...baa, baa

Sometimes artists make weavings...materials that go over and under each other.

What do you think this woven basket is made out of?

  You can make a weaving out of paper in Fiber could even make your own paper for it!


  Today we will practice weaving a yarn over and under.

In Fiber Arts  we use thread to sew with. The thread is wound around a spool.

We will use needles ...notice one end is sharp and one end has a hole in it.


 We also use pins to hold material together.


We keep our pins in a pin cushion to keep the pointed ends sharp.


We will learn how to thread a needle.


 We will practice learning how to make a knot at the end of our threads. 


We will pin two pieces of fabric together ...

and we will sew some running stitches.

Key Stage 2

When a person sews, sometimes they make a sketch of what they want and they create a pattern. 







You will learn the whip stitch.

What kinds of things would you like to create in the Fiber Art studio this year?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Making Art In The Painting Studio



This week you are going to show what you know about the painting studio! We will document in our artifact books! 


We learn how to set up our paint area...

We will experiment with watercolor and tempera paints.

Look for directions

Why are there different size brushes?

What is this?

Artists paint on different materials...


Sometimes artists paint with unusual tools...

Could this be used to paint with? 

Can you  paint with these?

Some people like to paint standing up and some people like to paint sitting down in a chair. How do you like to paint?

You can make paint papers in the painting studio and then use them to create in the collage studio! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

What is a collage?

Collage is a fancy, French word that means "to glue".

We say that a piece of artwork is a "collage" if it has materials glued to it. Many things can be used to create a collage.

Can you look at this artwork and find something that may have been glued?

Do you see something that may have been torn or cut in this artwork?
How about this one?

In collage you can use many different materials to make something new!

Just to name a few:
beautiful, interesting papers that are torn or cut
sheet music
text from any source

This week we will practice with some of these materials and learn how use the different types of glues and scissors, punches and texture tools.

We will explore the collage studio and "prove" our skills in our Artifact Books!

Here are some examples of students working with the art of collage! 



When you visit the collage studio you will find many materials that you can use to make a collage on paper. You might also make something in the sculpture studio and then take it to the collage studio to "collage" it. You might make a painting or do a drawing and add some collage work to it. Think about it!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Captain Kids Work'in It!!

 Checking off things I know...

Books ready for pick up after mini lesson kind of weighted pencil for drawing...clever child! After reflection, he is going to improve it by making  space to sharpen it.

Completing drawing experiences...ready to check out the drawing studio!