Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's Draw!

This week we are experimenting with materials that we use for mediums! We will show what we know about drawing in our Artifacts Book. We will know how to use materials to prepare us for our work in the drawing studio.

materials that we are using this week:

* Did you know that there are soft and hard lead pencils?
* Is it difficult to draw lightly? We can hold our pencils a new way to make it easier!
*If you don't have a blending tool, what could you use?

Some of the things we are experimenting with are:


Cross -Hatching


Sometimes we use colored pencils for our drawings. 

 You can create value with color too! 


You can make new colors by blending different colored pencils. 

Do you notice the blue, green and yellow pencils blending?





Thursday, August 20, 2015

Looking Around The School...don't miss the ART WALL!

There are many things to look at when you walk around the school! I hope you notice the long wall by the cafeteria. It is our ART WALL. It will have student work exhibited throughout the year. If you look at it now you will see images of "master works". That means art that famous artists have created.

Look at the ART WALL and it will help you think about art!


Look at the ART WALL at Captain to see other "Master Works" !

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Is A Logo?

A logo is a symbol, design, or mark. It is an image that is used so that you recognize a business, organization or a person. It is a powerful little piece of art!

Let's look and talk about some logos!

My father was an artist. He would come home from work and show us his ideas for logos. He always wanted to know what I thought of his ideas. He created the logo below. This logo has changed over the years, but a good design stays pretty much the same. Why do you think that is so?

 Artists take pride in designing creative logos. Here are some things to think about:

* Some logos are just pictures...some logos need a little text (words)

*The words or image can be made in a way to show a certain "look".

*The colors should be eye-catching...
excited bright relaxed color....high 

* A powerful logo is bold and simple

Think about yourself and make a logo for the front of your ArtiFact Book. Use the framed rectangle for your work. You can use a "logo idea" sheet to sketch, if you wish.


 What is one important thing about you? 
 Is there something that you are really interested in?  
What do you stand for?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ARTIFACT BOOKS...your life in art!

We are starting our school year using our Artifact Books. We will keep the booklets in the art studio and use them every art day. They will contain information about what we know and do in art. They will contain the "Art Facts" about you! We will start by doing drawing and cutting assessments. We will then do a logo and then start practicing the skills for each studio. Then we will begin CHOICE ART!

Off To Japan!

It took two years, but we finally did it! Students at Captain folded 1000 paper cranes. I gathered them and sent them off to Japan. They were sent with your beautiful wishes for a peaceful world. Well done Captain Kids!

This summer I came across a book about Sadako and her paper cranes. I would like to share some sample pages of this book with you. I think it is lovely. You might want to see if it is at your library.

Welcome To A New Year In Art...Our Installation is complete!

After you left school in June, I put all of your wonderful hanger creations into one big Art Instillation! Can you find yours?? It is not an interactive piece, so please do not touch it...just like at the art museum.

An Art Instillation is usually a three dimensional work of art. It is planned specifically for an interior space like ours at Captain School. It is art that makes the space around it look very different.


1 The question is: what should we title this artwork?

2 How does this artwork change our space at Captain?

3 What emotions does this artwork does it make you feel?

In the lobby, next to the art instillation is an easel. Please write on this and tell us all what you think!

 If you want to do this at home again, can you remember and figure out the directions from the pictures below?