Thursday, April 14, 2016






What does it mean if someone tells you that you have a "sense of humor"?


  Where do ideas for cartoons come from?

Is there something in your life that is funny? 

Did someone say something to you that was funny?

What would a funny situation be?

 If something is funny to you, is it funny to someone else? 

 If you go to the drawing studio and want to create a cartoon, use sketch paper (newsprint) to make a quick little drawing of your idea. 

After you draw your sketch you can complete your cartoon on nice, card stock. 

You can  choose a piece of colored construction paper to frame your cartoon.

 When you glue your cartoon down on the construction paper, put the glue on the perimeter so that it will lay nice and flat. 

Be sure to sign your name in the right hand corner!


 You could create an idea for a cartoon at home, sketch and draw it at school. 

You could paint your cartoon. 

You could use your sense of humor to create a funny sculpture or a funny fiber art work. 

It is fun to be funny, but remember a cartoon or joke should never be hurtful.

Here are some examples of cartoons...are they funny to you?


The one below was made by Maria and Joey's dad...