Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Radial Designs In Art

A radial design is an arrangement of shapes and lines that radiate out from the center of an artwork.

Think about a sun radiating heat and light...

Look at this image of a radial design. 

Do you see how it radiates out from the center?

 Radial designs are used in many kinds of art all over the world...

These are Italian designs on clay tiles...

These hands have henna (plant dye) painted on them. In India, a woman decorates her hands and feet for her wedding celebration. 



A radial design is a symmetrical design....if you divide your art in half, the marks on one side are the same on the other side...

If you divide your art in half and it is not the same on each side you have an A-symmetrical design!

How can you use the idea of radial design in your art? Could you create a radial design collage, painting, building? What could you use to create a perfect circle to begin your art?

Key Stage 2

An Indian Mandela is an image of a circle which represents the universe. It comes from the ancient Indian language called Sanskrit. Sometimes a Mandela is used in meditation.

 Many times it is created using a radial design.

We also see radial designs in nature...

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