Thursday, February 25, 2016

Take Something Common And Make Something New!

Tara Donovan 

Tara is an installation artist. She installs her art into a space or environment.

Tara uses many of the same objects to make her installation. She take these objects to build, connect, and show them in a fun and interesting way.  Sometimes you cannot tell what the actual object is until you look REALLY close.

In her art, Tara uses slinkys, straws and cups. Sometimes the objects by itself are geometric, but when Tara puts the objects together, they turn into a giant organic shape.

Geometric tree...notice the straight you see triangles? 

 Organic trees...notice the curving shapes.

In this photograph, you can see Tara took simple, clear plastic cups and stacked them on each other over and over and over again. By making art out of an ordinary cup, Tara gave her art materials a new meaning. She transformed her material.

See how she transformed straws...

In the art room, we have many materials that are the same things.  What could you make from these coffee lids?  


Or these straws?

What could you create with a common object like a cup or straw to make something new? 


*What is a new meaning for a cup ? 

*What is a new meaning for a straw?

*what can you make?

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