Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lines, Lines, Everywhere

The lesson today is about something that you can use in every studio. We are going to talk about how artists see line. This year, we talked about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy, we could see that he used line in his work. See it here...

So what does line look like when we think about our studios at school?


This artwork was done by the artist Mondrian


This drawing was done by the French artist Edgar Dega

fiber Arts


Roxy Paine....American artist from New Mexico created the above lovely organic nature shapes.

 Brice Marden was born in Brooklyn NY and was interested in eastern calligraphy. Do you see the connection?

Lines are also used in architecture... 



Train Station in Lisbon

 London Building

How can you use line to get your idea across to others. Art is all about sharing ideas, thoughts, problems!

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