Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paste Paper Fun

Artists can make interesting "papers" to use for projects. Eric Carl makes papers using layers of paint. He puts a texture on them using brushes, fingers or tools. He keeps his papers in color coded drawers. When he needs a green he just goes to the green draw to see what shade of green is needed.


You might recognize his work:

One way that you can make an interesting paper is to make paste papers.

Here is how you do it!

 The set up is to have card stock papers, brushes, old combs or marking tools, paste/paste mixture and paper towels. 


1. mark your name on the back of a piece of card stock

2. lay out paper towels to place your paper on

3. with a brush evenly spread some the paste across your paper

4. take a comb or marking tool and twist or pull it to make marks

5. after it dries, do another color and another design


You can take these papers to the collage studio to make art. 

You can take these papers to the fiber arts studio to sew them in an interesting way. 

You can take them to the sculpture studio to create sculptures. 

You can paint with a detail brush on top of a paste paper.

They are beautiful and so much fun to do! They are handy to never know when you need just the right piece of paper for your art!



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